Q. What costs can OSHAadvisor help reduce?
A. Think about your annual spending on the following items each year.
OSHAadvisor can help lower each one:

Worker Injury and Illness
Property Damage
OSHA penalties
Insurance Premiums
Training Compliance Assessments
Training Program Development
Manager and Worker Training Sessions
Written Procedure Development
Staying Current with Regulations


Q. Is OSHAadvisor connected with OSHA?
A. No. OSHAadvisor is a private company and is not connected to OSHA.

Q. How is OSHAadvisor different than the OSHA website?
A. OSHAadvisor organizes OSHA training regulations into a drill-down database format. This logical organization helps you find exactly the information you need with just a few clicks.

Q. Who should use OSHAadvisor?
A. Anyone who is responsible for health and safety training should be using OSHAadvisor. This includes in-house professionals such as EHS officers and plant managers as well as outside consultants and attorneys.

Q. How long does it take to learn to use OSHAadvisor?
A. An OSHAadvisor subscription includes access to eight training modules, which include slides with audio. It will probably take two or three days to work through the modules. Meanwhile, experienced EHS pros can use the reference system immediately.

Q. Where does OSHAadvisor get its data?
A. OSHAadvisor monitors the daily Federal Register for new or changed OSHA regulations.

Q. How often is OSHAadvisor updated?
A. The OSHAadvisor database is updated twice per year.

Q. Does OSHAadvisor offer a free trial?
A. OSHAadvisor does not offer a free trial, however we offer a one month trial for $199 that provides complete access to our regulations database and training assessment tools. After the month trial ends, you can apply the $199 to an annual subscription or cancel your subscription with no further obligation.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription?
A. An OSHAadvisor subscription is for a full year. You may cancel at the end of the year.